Okay Kat.

You have quite a bit of writing talent, but that is true for all of us. If you decide to install the plugin to let commentators edit their comments I will not complain.

Steve – the handsome, but proofreading challenged.

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December 13, 2009 at 9:50 am

I was the business traveler, and my wife at the time cheated on me when I went away. and I only went every so often…

The worst time, funny enough was when we went a on a business trip with another couple spouses came, and while his wife was pregnant and I was pretty sick… those two had a night-uninterruptus.

Business trips where fraught with concern and worry about what was going on at home, Now that I’m single, and I’m going on a business trip this next spring to a conference at Disneyworld no-less. and I’m pretty certain that my biggest excitement is going to the parks.